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MultiFlapper – How it works

As a hunter, you know how hard it can be to lure the migratory birds close enough for you to shoot them. With a MultiFlapper, you get a piece of specially designed hunting gear that moves the wings of an attached dead bird so that its fellow species can see it from afar and come to investigate.

The MultiFlapper is delivered in a handy package, weighing 2.3 kg. The package contains the flapper itself, an earthing rod, battery and a control box; all designed and handcrafted in Denmark.

  • The flapper has been developed to make it easy for you to mount a dead pigeon or crow on it. Please watch the video on this page.
  • It is easy to push the earthing rod into the ground and to change the angle of it, depending on whether you are going pigeon hunting or crow hunting. The rod can be removed to make the flapper fit conveniently in your backpack when you go hunting for smaller game birds.
  • The control box allows you to regulate the speed of the wings, so that the movement of the bird appears as realistic as possible. You can also let the control box run in intervals so that the bird moves its wings for, say, five seconds and then pauses for five seconds – a technique that is particularly effective when pigeon hunting.
  • The MultiFlapper is designed to keep power on for a full day of hunting; battery life depends on your choice of speed and interval.

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Here you can see MultiFlapper in action


Here you can see MultiFlapper in action

Here you can see MultiFlapper in action MultiFlapper for pigeon hunting

If you want to optimise the setup of your hunt for pigeons, the MultiFlapper, along with your regular decoys, can make a big difference. You mount a dead wood pigeon on the flapper and start with fast wing strokes with pause intervals on the control box. The flapper is angled to make it look like a pigeon about to land.

The movements of the flapper can be seen from a very long way off, as the pigeon’s wing speculum becomes very distinct when moving. You can therefore lure pigeons into firing range from a much longer distance than usual.

Often, the pigeons want to go all the way down and land near the flapper, which is why it is important that you place it within the appropriate shooting range. You will find that with a MultiFlapper along with your usual hunting equipment, the pigeons focus so firmly on the flapper’s movements that they often do not see you when you get up from your pigeon hideout.

MultiFlapper for crow hunting

We always use a MultiFlapper for crow hunting. The fact that a crow is flapping its wings next to the regular decoy crows, makes your decoy setup much more effective. Due to the movement of the outspread wings, other crows will see your setup from a very long way off. Crows that in the past would have continued, now often change direction and come to investigate.

We generally use 2-4 stuffed crows together with a crow mounted on the MultiFlapper. It works, and it is easy to transport in a backpack.

Place the MultiFlapper in a horizontal position and mount the crow. Set the control box to run without pause between intervals and set the wing speed to a slow but natural speed to make it look like a crow slowly gliding towards the other crows. Place the flapper right next to your hideout and the other crows a bit further out to the side; you can expect that you have to shoot right above the flapper as the crows often fly straight to the crow that is moving.

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