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– increase your success when hunting for smaller game birds

MultiFlapper in high quality for pigeon and crow hunting – produced in Denmark. Use a flapper to hunt so your decoy moves its wings.

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Jagtvaerkstedet MultiFlapper

– a must-have for the hunter who is hunting for smaller game birds

Customer testimonial

I have just put the NH MultiFlapper into use and have been quite successful. I agree with the other reviewers that it is easy to set up, is robust and made of good materials. The birds focus on the flapper and are attracted by the natural movement of the decoy and the set up. I
In addition, super service and follow-up from Jagtvaerkstedet (the hunting workshop), making it all a positive experience.
I can highly recommend NH MultiFlapper.”


– Kjeld

High-quality handcrafted MultiFlapper

MultiFlapper from Jagtvaerkstedet has been developed in our workshop and everything is handcrafted. We have bent, drilled, soldered and welded the structure ourselves, and we have also developed and soldered the actual speed control box. That is why we can vouch 100% for the quality and durability.

We have designed the earthing rod so that it is easy to press into the ground, and you can change the angle of the flapper by turning the earthing rod 180 degrees before mounting the flapper.

  • When pigeon hunting, the best way is often to angle the flapper to make it look like a pigeon about to land.
  • When crow hunting, it works well to place the flapper horizontally to make it look like a crow hovering before landing.

Optimize your hunting for smaller game birds

The MultiFlapper adds movement to your set up of decoys and increases their visibility considerably. Often, the birds focus so strongly on the flapper’s movements that they do not notice you when you get up from your hideout.

Super simple – really effective!

Works for hunting pigeons as well as crows and ducks

Comes with battery and control box for speed

Handcrafted in Denmark

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