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About Jagtvaerkstedet

Søren Andersen is the owner of Jagtvaerkstedet (the Hunting Workshop). When he was a boy, he joined others on hunts and today, he himself is an enthusiastic hunter. In 2014, Søren faced a challenge: He needed a high quality MultiFlapper for hunting smaller game birds.

Together with his father, who is also an enthusiastic hunter, he began to develop the idea. One prototype replaced the other; Søren tested the MultiFlappers continuously, and every time he brought a new prototype along, one of his hunting buddies was ready to take over the previous model because they had seen how effective it was.

He therefore quickly realised that there was a market for extra high quality MultiFlappers.

He put the first ten MultiFlappers up for sale in a hunting group on Facebook, where they were quickly sold. That encouraged Søren to develop his idea further, and Jagtvaerkstedet began to take form.

Although the popular MultiFlapper is currently sold online, the procedure is the same: Every single MultiFlapper is handcrafted from the core to the outside parts at Jagtvaerkstedet in Silkeborg, Denmark, to ensure a flapper of the highest quality.

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